payment FAQs

How can I make online payments for my monthly charges?

Halstead is pleased to partner with ClickPay to offer you more options for paying your monthly charges. You can enroll in this program by clicking here to make your payment online.

ClickPay offers many features to make your bill paying experience fast and easy, such as:

  • Make payments from your bank or credit card.
  • One-time payments can be made any time, and recurring payments can be setup based on your instructions.
  • Paperless Billing – Get your statement each month by email. You can also view, save or print your current month’s bill on ClickPay.
  • Payment History – View a history of payment you have made on ClickPay.
  • Flexibility – manage your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You’ll need your Occupant ID available in order to setup your account. Your Occupant ID can be found on the top right corner of your monthly bill.


Who should I contact if I have questions on my account?

Any questions concerning your bill should be directed to the Accounts Receivable contact designated at the bottom of your monthly statement for “Billing Inquiries.”

Should you require any assistance with your ClickPay account, they can be reached at (800) 533-7901 or

How can I update my mailing address for my monthly statements?

Please send an email request by clicking here and submitting an Update Mailing Address request form.

We will need your name, building address, apartment number and updated mailing address in order to allow your designated Accounts Receivable contact to make the change.



Change of Mailing Address Request Form

Please submit your request to change your Mailing Address by using this form.