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Executive Team

Christopher Zedano

Melissa Cafiero
Director of Compliance / Account Executive

Melissa Cafiero

A lifelong New Yorker, Melissa Cafiero began her career in real estate in 2005 as a Property Manager and later served as a Director of Compliance. Melissa's unique understanding of local laws and agency regulations, from the perspective of a property manager, has allowed her to develop a department to monitor building compliance at Halstead Management. It is comprehensive and supports the ever-changing and growing requirements of the building codes and compliance issues that are specific to New York City.

Melissa works closely with our property managers and executive team to ensure that all the buildings we serve meet these Local Laws and codes.

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Housing Providers and Real Estate Brokers must provide tenants with notice of their right to seek reasonable accommodations in housing for persons with disabilities.
Please see the attached Notice of Right to Seek Reasonable Accommodations.